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Extractions 68005

Bellevue Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is home to the distinguished Dr. Kyle Smith, who specializes in providing treatment for many complex oral health issues such as dental trauma, oral pathology and extractions 68005. Dedicated to the oral health and well being of his patients, Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of the patient-caregiver relationship. With patient care and comfort as top priorities in his practice, Dr. Smith and his office team keep patients well informed, comfortable and relaxed throughout every step treatment and any follow up care. Offering convenient morning and afternoon appointment times, our friendly staff will do everything possible to get you in at your earliest convenience for care.

Extractions 68005

The third and last back molars in both the upper and lower jaws are called the wisdom teeth and when they emerge, it marks an important milestone in dental growth and development. When they come in correctly, wisdom teeth can function just like your other molars. However, in many cases there is insufficient space in the jaw to accommodate the wisdom teeth or they are fully or partially impacted. If the wisdom teeth are poorly positioned or impacted they can affect the neighboring teeth as well as other aspects of your oral health and overall well being. With problematic wisdom teeth, your regular dentist will refer you to a skilled oral surgeon who specializes in the assessment of impacted teeth and extractions 68005. With years of advanced training in complex extractions, Dr. Smith can provide the most precise and appropriate care to remove problematic teeth. For patients who are anxious about certain dental procedures, we offer options in dental sedation to facilitate a state of complete relaxation. Depending on the procedure and the level of anxiety a patient is experiencing; we may administer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation.

If you require the attention of an oral surgeon skilled in providing extractions 68005, pay a visit to Dr. Smith at Bellevue Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. We also offer a wide range of other oral and maxillofacial surgical services including: bone grafts, sinus lifts, apicoectomies, corrective jaw surgery and more. For more information, give us a call today.

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